Why Pre-Poo is Essential To Your Hair Regimen


Hello lovies!!

Today I'll be sharing with you a little bit of information on the importance of pre-pooing your hair. It doesn't matter if your hair is natural, permed or even bleached; pre-pooing is still important. That being said, my focus will be primarily on pre-pooing natural hair. I hope you learn a lot from this blog post. So let's dive in.



Pre-poo is the process of saturating your hair with an oil or aloe vera gel before washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner. Some people do their pre-poo a day before their wash day so the hair would be fully moisturized; while others decide to pre-poo their hair between 30 minutes to an hour before washing their hair. For this post, I did my pre-poo and let it sit in my hair for two whole days (crazy huh?). This was done unintentionally because I totally forgot I had signed up for a shift at an event on campus the following day so I let my pre-pooed hair stay a lot longer than I planned

My Hair Experience With Using The Pree-Poo Method

The first time I heard of pre-poo was during my transition hair journey. I stumbled on the videos explaining how pre-poo was done and its importance, so I binged watched several videos on pre-pooing and read some blogs to have a better understanding of this method. After watching these videos, I was really excited to try the pre-poo method my hair but it didn't go as I had expected because I had two different hair textures. So I decided to stop pre-pooing my hair until I finally big-chopped. Check out my previous post on My Natural Hair Transition Story to see how I transitioned my hair.

When I finally big-chopped, I tried this "pre-pooing" method again and I can say that the result was a lot better than my previous experience and my hair felt more moisturized than ever. After seeing how much my hair flourished whenever I pre-pooed my hair, you would expect that I stick to this using the pre-poo method but no! My lazy ass self decided to remove the pre-poo method from my hair regimen and my hair suffered a lot. I got a whole lot of tangles in my hair whenever I washed it and the detangling process took too much of my time.

I think one of the main reasons why I stopped pre-pooing was that I felt it was too stressful and prolonged my wash day routine. But we all know that taking care of natural hair requires patience and time which can be a lot, especially when you have school work to deal with; which was my case.

With removing the pre-poo process from my hair, I noticed that my hair was really dry and had a difficult time retaining moisture.

In the first two days after my pre-poo & wash 'n go, my hair seemed really moisturized, curl popping and looking all cute; but on the third day, it became really dry, hard and lacked moisture so I found myself needing to add water or cream every day to help with keeping my hair moisturized. Although the cream helped with sealing moisture in my hair, I noticed it started clogging the pores on my head, led to itchy scalp and my hair looked really flaky due to an increased amount of hair butter used during the week. So I decided to reduce the amount of hair butter I use on hair in the hope of reducing the itchy scalp. This wasn't helpful at all so in introduced the pre-poo method back into my hair regimen.

I believe removing pre-poo from my hair regimen attributed to the loss of moisture retention in my hair, but another factor that may have contributed to lack of moisture was the shampoo I used in my hair regimen. I'm really not going to go into much detail about the shampoo's effect on my hair as a reason for lack of moisture. I will have to really look into this and get back to you guys on my supposed theory.

Benefits of Pre-pooing

1.Prevents dryness of hair when washing 

By pre-pooing your hair with natural oils like olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, Jamaican castor oil, and several others, it helps in keeping your hair moisturized so that when washing your hair, all the natural oil in your hair would not be completely stripped off which could lead to dryness of hair.

2. It helps in detangling the hair 

As we all know washing your hair without sectioning it can be really stressful but incorporating the pre-poo method before washing your hair can save your hair from tangling and possible breakage.

3. Helps in managing your time

By pre-pooing your hair, it helps soften the hair, keeps it moisturized and reduces the time to be spent in washing and styling your hair.


When pre-pooing, I incorporate three essential oils that are beneficial for my hair growth. The oils include:

How my Pre-poo mixture was made.

  • 3 Tbs of Jamaican castor oil

  • 5 tbs of olive oil

  • 4.5 oz of coconut oil

The oil mixture is added to an applicator bottle which is then placed in hot water so the oils can melt and mix evenly.


I start off by spraying some water on my hair using a spray bottle to make the hair a little bit damp. I then section my hair in 6 chunky twists to make the whole process easier for me. I unravel one twist, apply my pre-poo mixture on my hair and put my hand through it to let the oil saturate throughout that section. I then use my fingers to detangle before using a wide tooth comb to make sure there are no more tangles in my hair.

When using the comb, I make sure to start from the bottom to root to avoid more tangle and breakage in my hair. After detangling that section, I run my hand through it again to make sure there isn't any tangle in my hair and then I retwist. I repeat the process to the remaining chunky twist. Once I'm done with all the sectioned twist and put it all in a shower cap or a plastic bag (your choice) on my hair to let the oil penetrate into my hair. I don't normally have a designated time for how long I want my hair to be under the shower cap, I just go with the flow.

NOTE: You can keep your pre-pooed hair for as long as you want. you can also opt to use a hooded dryer to speed up the pre-poo process. 

Once I'm done with pre-pooing I saturate my hair with look warm water and wash it with a shampoo and a conditioner.

Pictures of wash 'n go hairstyles I rocked after using the pre-poo method 

I'm sure by now you can see how this pre-poo method helps keep moisture in the hair and makes it look luscious throughout the week.

Let me know if you have tried this method before or will be trying it soon.

Until next time, stay moisturized