Why I've Been Away for a While


Hello Lovelies

It’s good to have you all back here once again! Now It’s been a longgggg time since I posted on this blog but I’m back again and I’m super excited to share my journey with you all this summer. I know a lot of people have asked me several times when I’ll be blogging again and if I had quit my blog since they couldn’t gain access to my website.

Now for the regular readers, you may have noticed that my website was down since the month of February up until May of this year, and now my website is up again. I was also having technical issues going on my website and I didn’t want to deal with it at that moment so I decide to disable my blog until I was ready to deal with it again. Well today, I’ll be giving you explaining my decision as to why I had stopped blogging for a while.

If you didn’t know I was an International Student Going to college at California State University Bakersfield and Graduated college two weeks ago. Whoop Whoop!!!

So when the first semester of my Senior year in College, things started getting a lot stressful and overwhelming for me. I was at the stage where I was considering going to Graduate School so the whole graduate school application at various universities and the individual requirement was just getting to me, so I had to weigh all my options carefully to see what graduate school suits me. Might I say that all of these felt overwhelming for me as i has other things i was doing at the same time such as being a peer mentor, conducting a research with my professor as well as working as a Chemistry tutor. For these reasons, I made a decision to take a mini break from blogging but this turned out to a long break.

I didn’t anticipate that this break would last for five months but it did and I’m sorry for not updating you guys about it. Now that thing are getting better in my life, I’m happy to be back and start blogging again. so stay tuned for my life update blog I’ll be posting soon.

On that note, I’ll be ending this blog here but i’ll back before you know it. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


Your beloved MIA blogger