One Year Natural Hair Anniversary

Welcome Lovelies


As I celebrate my hair anniversary, I'm so excited to share my experience so far with you. It still feels like yesterday when I decided to big chopped my hair. The fears that came with this journey seemed insurmountable but with the encouraging words from friends & family, and the amount of growth I achieved every month really encouraged me to continue on with this journey. I began by transitioning from relaxed to natural hair for 11 months from August 2016 to July 2017 before I finally big chop on July 7th, 2017 My Natural Hair Transition Story

All through this one-year natural hair journey, I tried very few products but experimented with different hairstyles. My go-to hairstyle is the afro puff because it's easy to style, and manage.

The pictures below show my hair growth and the styles I pulled off during this 1-year journey.


I did very few protective styling during my post big chop. I know most people emphasize doing more protective styles to prevent your hair from the harsh weather and also enable hair growth. I decided to do a few protective hairstyles and my hair really thrived in it. From my pictures above, you can see how much my hair grew in one year and how healthy it looks. For the first seven months, I used quite a lot of styling products on my hair because I wanted my hair to look like the ones I saw on Instagram and YouTube. I also clean my hair once every month by using apple cider vinegar and added pre-poo to my hair regime. Click Why Pre-Poo is Essential To Your Hair Regimen to find out how to pre-poo your natural hair.

All in all, this 1-year hair journey wasn't an easy one but if given the opportunity to do this all over again I would do it in one beat. My reason being that I have learned so much and grown mentally from this journey. I learned to be patient not just in dealing with my hair in good and bad days, but also being able to tolerate people and their behavior though it may be challenging. I've also learned to accept myself, my hair, my curls, my odd hair texture, my body, my culture, my personality and every other aspect of my life. I had the opportunity to interact with other black women who have gone through similar experiences as I did. The joy I derived when I could connect with similar hair struggles especially in dealing with people who just randomly touch your hair because they find it fascinating.

Most importantly, what happened to simple courtesy to ask if you can touch one's hair?

Here in America, I have had to deal with this issue so many time and I try not to be angry when people randomly touch my hair so as not come off as a "crazy African woman". At this point, I don't care if I may sound crazy for shouting at some random stranger who decides to touch my hair.  It only makes sense to seek consent before touching one's hair.

Sorry for digressing but it is important that people know that we don't find it appealing when people just go around touching our hair.



Below are pictures I took for my one-year length check.






What anniversary are you celebrating this summer? Do let me know. Until next time, have a splendid TURNT up summer.