My Natural Hair Transition Story

Hello lovelies


Hello lovelies

Good to have you here once again. Today I'll be sharing with you my beautiful journey of transitioning to natural hair, how I was able to manage my hair and the lessons I have learned from this journey.

Disclaimer: I would repeatedly use "natural hair" a lot in this blog so please bear with me.

Before I go in-depth about my transition hair story, I'll just give a misinformation about natural hair I have heard from people who have made perming the norm. The natural hair was seen as ugly, unmanageable, too thick, and unprofessional, so most people did not like braiding natural hair or having anything to do with it because they felt it was painful to braid and time-consuming. But I am really happy that a lot of people have come to love their natural hair and are proud to rock their afro.

For the longest, I have always recalled having my hair permed since I was five and I believe what made my mom decide to perm my hair was because it was too thick and she really didn't have much idea on how to manage it. so she thought perming my hair would be so much easier to manage.

The use of relaxers on my hair was really not a fun experience for me. I have gone through several types of relaxers and what they all have in common was pain. I experienced a whole lot of excruciating pain each time I had a relaxer put on my hair. I never let the relaxer stay too long in my hair because I would start screaming and crying so the hair stylist would wash out the relaxer immediately,

The hair stylist and my mom would try to come up with different ways to stop the pain such as putting the powder in my hair before adding a cold relaxer on my hair but this never helped at all. so I had to withstand this pain for several years until I moved to the United States. Perming my hair here in the United States was a lot better for me which was probably due to the weather. Although I still felt some pain when relaxer was put on my hair, it was much bearable and maybe my change of environment really was another factor that contributed to my pain tolerance, so I continued to perm my hair for about a year and 3 months before I decided to transition to natural hair.


What really sparked my decision to transition my hair was when I stumbled upon an Instagram post of a natural hair Vlogger "Chizi Duru". I was just amazed at how beautiful her hair was and versatility of styles she did on her hair. so I looked up youtube videos of natural hair vloggers who transitioned to natural hair such as: "JourneyToWaistLength", "Chay Andi", "Healthy Afro Hair". Watching their videos really helped me in my transition journey and also increased my knowledge of managing my hair.

One of the reasons I took this decision to begin this transitional hair journey was because I was broke. Let's be honest, most college students are broke and spending hundreds of dollars in salons to get your hair done can be daunting especially if you have other needs to sort out. So let's just say I was able to save some extra bucks when I transitioned my hair.


The first 4 months of transitioning my hair were so manageable but as the months went by, it became more stressful, time-consuming and little bit expensive seeing I had to change my hair regimen and buy new hair styling products. Some products that I used during my transition journey included shea moisture retention shampoo and conditioner, coconut oil and Jamaican castor. Although my transition journey became time-consuming and stressful, I learned to be patient with how I cared for my hair which helped in my hair growth. I will definitely talk more on my hair regimen in another blog post so be on the lookout for it. 


I did a whole lot of protective styles such as braids, twist, crotchet, and weaves to help reduce manipulating my hair and these styles also helped in my hair growth and also gave me time to figure out how to care for my hair.

All in all, my transitional hair journey lasted for 11 months before I decided to big chop. Now please do not confuse this with me completely cutting my hair, but this process involved cutting just the permed part of my hair. After my big chop and the time I spent taking proper care of my hair, I learned to love my 4a,b,c hair, its curl and its beautiful texture. 

Before I end this blog, I will like to know if any of you transitioned from permed hair to natural hair, and for how long? Also for those who still perm their hair, do you intend on transitioning to natural hair? Please leave your comments down below I look forward to reading them.