My College Story Part 1

welcome welcome welcome!!!


It is so good to have you guys back here again.

I'm really excited that I'm finally writing this blog post. For some time now, I've been meaning to write about how I moved to the united states and my experience so far living here but never really had the mind to do it. But I finally did. YAY!!

Also, this will be a college series post, so I hope you get to know a little bit more about me.


So let's dive in.


For many of you who don't know, I am an international Student here in the U.S. I moved to the United States when about four years ago to come study. now the whole. the funny thing is ever since. Ever since I was a teenager, I always knew I was going to a college here but didn't know when that was going to happen.



After having a discussion with my parents about my intent of wanting to study here in the States, my parents were a little bit skeptical about it especially Mr dad. If you are African or friends with any African, you will know how overprotective fathers are with their daughters especially their first daughter.

My mom never really had any problem with I moving to the United States to study because two of her sisters lived there. My mom assumed that they would be able to take good care of me if I were to move there. My dad, on the other hand, was different, he just hated the idea that his girl wouldn't be close to home and he wouldn't really have much say in what I did and where I went. Which I totally understand. I just wished he trusted me enough to know I would still be able to school in the States and still have to keep my morals.

So my dad decided to discussed with few relatives who lived in California about me moving to the United States to see if it was okay with me moving. I'm really glad my family members were able to convince my dad for me to come to school in the States.

My dad finally agreed with me studying in the United States, so I began the whole application process.



I had to take SAT and TOEFL. now what made me pretty annoyed was the fact that as an English speaker I still had to take the TOFEL exam. Like taking the TOFEL would prove I understand English which I found really dumb. anyways I still passed both exams and that's what matters.

I applied to three schools and waited patiently for their response. 

Now you can imagine my excitement when I finally got my letter and accepted into California States University Bakersfield. I was on top of the world and nothing could stop my happiness, not even good food.

With the news of my acceptance letter, every night until I traveled, I started anticipating what I was gonna do once I moved to the United States and looked forward to my college journey. 



Trust me, I also had to sit down and listen to lectures (more like church sermons) from my parent's because we all know that African parents do the most. Anyways, I listened attentively to their words and admonitions and I knew I was able to keep to their instructions and promised not to disappoint them.

After all that was settled, I began counting down the days before I set to travel with my dad. I had to bid farewell to my friends which were one of the hardest things I ever did. but I was convinced we were gonna meet again and hopefully, we would ve achieved most of our goals.

Now to answer the question of whether I have accomplished my goal since then, I'm really not sure. what I do know is that I have grown so much and have learned a few lessons here there that I think would help me in getting close to achieving my goal.



My dad and I finally embarked on the trip to California for a few days before I was expected to start college. We use United Arab Emirates airline for our trip which was pretty smooth but took too long to get to our destination; so it was a pretty long trip. We finally arrived at my university and we had to fill out some paperwork for my dorm room because I was still a minor at that time.



Unlike most Americans who get to visit different universities before deciding what school offers the best opportunity to them, I, on the other hand, did not get that opportunity to tour different schools, so once school started, I had to figure things out on my own since my orientation was scheduled two weeks after school resumed.

Let's just say I was really overwhelmed within the first few months I got here but I'll talk more about my experience in the next series.



Leave a comment below if you're currently an International Student, a foreign exchange student or have ever studied abroad. I want to know your story and hopefully, we learn from each other.


Stay tuned to the next part of this college series. Until next time, stay radiant