Life Update: First Few Weeks as a Senior in College

''Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time''

--- Thomas A. Edison

I stumbled upon this quote a few weeks ago and it really spoke to me in the sense that life was can be really overwhelming, and that our only result to find relief is to just give up to make life easier for us.



This was my case when I began my senior year in college about five weeks ago. At first, I was really excited to start my last year in college and was ready for all the things I wanted to achieve this school year, as well as making a name for myself before I graduate. But later on, I found myself reliving the same anxiety I had experience back in freshmen year. What probably triggered this anxiety was realizing that this is my last year in college and that whatever I do now would define my future career. The pressure of studying for GRE, looking at potential grad schools, trying to stay on top of school schedule and trying to keep a good GPA before I graduate is really overwhelming.


Indeed my excitement made me take on too many responsibilities that I feel I should have really considered before committing to them. First, I'm currently on a 19-course unit alongside being a peer mentor for the NSME department in my school. In addition to that, I am the president of the International Student Club on my campus as well also conducting an Geological independent research with one of my Geology Professor.

By the fourth week, my stress level increased substantially because I was still trying to get myself accustomed to managing all these tasks as well as filling up graduate school applications; it really affected my mental health so much that I thought about quitting all these responsibilities that I had committed to. So I had to take a step back and talk to myself about why I had taken these opportunities and if it really was worth it. My alone time on really processing these thoughts, I found out that I was really passionate about this responsibilities. Therefore, I took my time to figure out how I can manage all these tasks with little to no stress.

Last week Saturday I celebrated my 21st birthday with my amazing friends and they really made me feel so special. Our trip to L.A to celebrate my birthday really helped to bring down my stress level. Click here to read the blog on my birthday trip.



I'm back to school again and I'm still trying to navigate my way through all these impossible yet satisfying responsibilities, but I remain hopeful that everything will work out well with all my endeavors. 



Leave a comment on how life's been going in for you and what tips you've been using to make it more easy to manage. Until next time, be favored.