Life Update: What's Next?


Hey Lovelies

It’s currently Sunday and I'm super excited that I have this time to even blog. The past week has been one of the roughest weeks of my life and I don’t think the next week will be any better. Now if you remember in my previous blog post, I mentioned that I'll be sharing with you all about what I have been doing with my life especially now that I have graduated.

Well, today is the day I’ll be letting the tea out of the bag.

Now if you are following me on Instagram or on facebook you may have come across pictures of me during my graduation day, but that doesn’t mean I have officially graduated. For those who do not know, I majored in Geology and minored in Chemistry in College, so as part of my Geology program, it is required that I attend a Geology Field Camp where all I do is field work, exploring rocks, mapping. which basically is me putting all that I have learned in college for the last four years into use as a geologist.

I got accepted to go to my Field Camp at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology March of this year. After my graduation on May 24th, I suddenly started feeling scared about the whole field camp journey and felt that I wasn’t even prepared despite all the effort I have put into my school work. the three weeks I had after my graduation was basically used to mentally prepare myself for the lack of privacy I would be getting once I go for Field Camp and also buy all the necessary field gear I would be using during my Field Camp.

What no one ever told me was how expensive all these things would cost, but either way, I still had to buy them. I really though going to Columbia in Tejon Outlet to get my field gear when they were having fathers day sales was the most reasonable to do and that it would be less expensive. But boy was I wrong. It still cost me a fortune to buy my field gear.

By the time I was done buying all my things, my pocket was drained LITERALLY.


Fast forward to the five days before I left for South Dakota I started packing my things and of course I waited last minute to start packing and I'm sure I'm not the only one who does that so don’t judge me. Anyways I packed all my things and made sure I had all the necessary documents I needed for a trip since I fly out on Friday. Friday came and I was hanging out with my friends and time flew so much that It was already an hour before my flight was meant to take off, so we headed off to the airport which wasn’t going to be a problem since the Airport is usually not busy.

Let’s just say that my friend who was driving drove us to the wrong airport and by the time I noticed we were going to the wrong place and turned back to the right airport I had already missed my flight. Therefore, I had to reschedule another trip the next day. I was a little bit frustrated with the whole prior situation, but I just took that as I sign that I wasn’t meant to go on that plane on Friday.

Fast forward to Saturday I got to the airport on time this time! Got checked in and waited to board the plane to Denver and my connecting from Denver to South Dakota. My journey was a smooth one even though there was an hour delay in Denver due to a thunderstorm, but I got to South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and checked into the dorms for a night since I and other geology students along with our professors were going to drive to Wyoming where we will be staying for our 5 week Field Camp.

So I completed the first two weeks of this field camp and let me say it is really exhausting, tiring, energy draining especially with the 9-hour hiking four days out of the week. I’m currently relaxing at the moment with other students before next weeks gruesome hiking but I guess its all part of the charm of Geology.


Backtracking to while I was in the last semester of college, I decided to seriously start applying for jobs related to my major, since making that decision, I have applied to over 100 75 jobs all over California, Pennsylvania, and Texas, and I have gotten a whole lot of rejection letters and some applications I haven’t even gotten a response from. It has been really frustrating especially when you have put in so much effort into school and coming out with a good G.P.A. with decent jobs and internships under your belt and still be rejected. I have talked with few people I know about this frustrating journey and they have ensured me that the whole job process takes time and should not let the rejection-letters get to me but to keep on applying and something great will come by, which I'm hopeful for.

I have decided that I would also try to reach out to individuals excelling in the geology industry and see if someone can connect me or recommend me to any company that is currently hiring recent graduates. I’m hoping that I get find a job by the end of this summer so I can start working. Until then, I’ll keep applying to jobs, concentrate on finish the remaining three weeks I have left of this Field camp and get back to California to hang out with my friends again.

Well then, that is all the things I have been up to since graduating college. Leave a comment down below on what you’ve been up to this summer or any life-changing event that has occurred in your life in the last few months.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.