How To Excel In College This School Year


I don't know how many of you are excited about this school year because I'm not!! This school year I'm taking a full course load (19 units) for my senior year in college, in addition to that, I'm also going to be a geology peer mentor for freshmen and also going to be the President of the International Student's club. I'm sure you now understand how terrified I am already about starting my senior year.

Although terrified, I'm also happy to have all these responsibilities on my shoulders and I feel like this experience would help me in handling things more better and multitasking.

With school around the corner, I figured I'll share some things you and I can do this school year to excel in school


Attend Social and Academic Events

One of the best ways to network and meet new people is by going to events that take place on campus or even outside the campus. There are various organizations, clubs and sometimes department that host several events throughout the school year which is one way to be more active on campus and makes you more diverse in conversations you hold. Sometimes professors even give extra credit for attending academic events which comes in handy when your grades are not the greatest and the best part about this is you'll also bond with some of your classmates who are also looking for extra credits to boost their grades.

For me, I love attending events in campus especially club events because that's where I met most of the friends I have now and also where I made group study partners for my Organic chemistry class.

So please don't be afraid to attend events going on on campus, but you don't have to attend all these events but pick the events that you feel you'll most benefit from.


Stay on Top of Your School Schedule



I'm not much of an organizer so I have suffered from lagging behind on school work and social life as well. So I decided to get a planner to keep all my schedules organized to help create extra time for me to spend with my friends or study for an upcoming exam.

It is important to know that having good organization and multitasking skills is key to succeeding as a college student because it helps when trying to stay ahead of your school work as well as getting an internship and other opportunities. Now some freshmen may get into college and think that college life is a lot similar to the way they handled high school but it's a lot different. As much as you all may want to have fun all weekend, you need to understand that your priorities have changed and school is one of your top priority especially when there's a whole lot of money being spent on tuition, room and board and textbooks.


Stop Procrastinating

I'll tell you this, procrastination is the only consistent thing in a college students life. and the funny thing is after failing a midterm due to procrastinating you would expect that we learn from our mistake and actually stay on top of our schedule. Well, we don't do that. In fact, we dive more into this procrastination business and continuously tell ourselves we'll do better next time but we never do.

My point is, students should make a conscious effort into avoiding procrastinating and prioritize all your school work and social life to be able to excel in college. Life will just be a lot easier if you set your mindset onto avoiding procrastinating about everything.

Ways To Prioritize Your Work To Avoid Procrastination 

  • Plan your schedule by utilizing a hardcopy or digital planner

  • Create a to-do list

  • Have a planner be it hardcopy or on your phone

  • Schedule deadlines for assignments, essays


Seek Help


I'll be going into my senior year in college this fall and what I've learned through this college struggle is to never be afraid to ask for help especially when you feel too overwhelmed with school work or even life in general.

There are so many help services on campus you can utilize such as the Counseling Center, Health Center, Tutoring Center (every department pretty much has its own tutoring services), Professors office, Peer Mentor, Financial aid or Course Advisor. Now I won't go in depth in explaining how useful these services but just know utilizing most of these services when you don't seem to figure stuff out would help you in fully maximizing your chances at succeeding in college.


Get a Job 

Having a job on campus is much better than working outside your campus because they often work with your school schedule. Now the pay may not be as good as working outside campus, but you stand to benefit the sense of understanding you get from your boss about school being your number one priority before work.

Now the idea of getting a job may seem absurd for some students especially freshmen because they may think that they can't balance work and school at the same time which is pretty okay. My thing is if you feel like you can't handle both, you might as well focus on school and do it well. But if you are like some of us out there who have a job or several jobs, it makes you more responsible in the sense that you become a full-time multitasker which is an important skill when you do internships with your professors or at a firm and when you do find a job after graduating from college. As much as there are many benefits to working, there are some cons to working and schooling simultaneously. You just have to carefully think of how much impact working could have on your academics before making your decision.


Join A Club or Organization

Attending a club fair is one way to get involved in your campus and meet new people. it also gives you an insight of what club or organizations you want to be affiliated with throughout your college years.

I remember when I started college (three years ago) I dreaded the moment of interacting with people. Just the thought of going to events for the sole purpose of meeting new people scared the hell out of me. The problem was I felt people were going to make fun of me due to my accents and I was already insecure as it was for this sole purpose, my adjustment process here in America was long and stressful; as it is, I still haven't fully adjusted, so you see, it's definitely is one long journey.

A friend of mine suggested I go with her to the club fair at our school during my freshmen year so I can get comfortable interacting with people. Let's just say it took me a year to take her up on the offer; (I know it's crazy to think I took to long but it was important that I took my time in trying to adjust since I was in a new country all alone trying to figure out life as a 17-year-old). But I finally summed up the courage and attend the club fair with and that was the beginning of a blossoming friendship for me

Word of advice

I hope that freshmen and transfer students take the courage to attend club fairs and be open to meeting new people from diverse places. It's such a great feeling conversing with people from diverse background 


Set Goals You Want To Achieve and Treat Yourself When you Achieve Those Goals 


Goals Goal Goals. it's really important to set goals for yourself, be it life goals, career goals or goals for college. For the sole purpose of this blog, I'll focus on goals for high school or college.

It's best to set short-term goals for a school, that way it seems reasonable for you to achieve and set more goals. You can set weekly, monthly or even semesters goal such as setting time to study for an upcoming exam, finishing up an assignment a week earlier, working on your presentation a month early. When you do achieve those goals you set, you feel much better about yourself and how much effort you put into accomplishing your goals. Now it's okay if you don't achieve your desired goal, the important thing is looking back on previous goals you have accomplished and use that as a stepping stone to put in more effort into achieving other goals.

Spend time in treating yourself whenever you achieve your goal and also appreciate the people around you whenever they achieve the goals they set.

Ways you can treat yourself for goals you've accomplished is by spending quality time with your friends (this helps in destressing from school life), go for a walk, catching up on your T.V. Shows (I swear this helps so much),  AND compliment yourself ALWAYS.


Meet Up With Advisors/ Counselors

My reason for suggesting meeting up with your course advisor or school counselor is because I and so many other college students have benefitted from this. While you might think you can handle school life and figure out how to narrow your way through school; you can really save yourself the unnecessary stress of taking wrong classes that do not count towards your major because I've been there before and I don't want you to go through this problem

Meeting your course advisor once or twice per semester/quarter can really help you in getting the detailed classes you will need to graduate on time. Some schools may require that you have two advisors (a general advisor and advisor for your major) and meet with them before signing up for classes each semester to help you navigate through your classes which I find it quite essentials especially for Freshmen (First Year students) who are new to college life and are trying to adjust.

As for some of you who don't like meeting up with advisors, it's your decision and that's fine; but you should also look at how much people have benefitted from meeting up with their course advisors. From my own experience with meeting with my advisor, I have gotten into internship both in California and Pennsylvania; also made good friends with my advisors to use them as references for jobs or scholarships


These are just some of the things you can do to succeed in campus and these may work for some people and may not work for others. You just have to try these tips and see which of these tips works best for you, and also be open to explore other tips out that are available.



As you begin your preparation for school, be it high school or college, my word of advice is for you to take this experience as it goes and put your best into succeeding in school. Now I never said it would be easy for you; in fact, you're gonna come across more challenges in college than you've ever had, but I believe in you and know that you have what it takes to come out with flying colors.

Until my next blog, do enjoy the remainder of your summer vacation before school starts.