Fashion Speaks For Itself


Hello lovelies!!

It's good to have you back here once again. Now, remember from my previous post how I told you all that my mom spends so much time in looking at the fashion styles on the newspaper. Well, I'm proud to tell you that this dress style from the picture above was picked by my dear mother and you all can definitely testify to how beautiful this cloth looks on me.

Now let's get to the topic of the day "fashion". I'll start by defining what fashion is.

Fashion is a way of life, a representation or expression of one's identity as well as a confidence booster.

Now you might be wondering why I used confidence booster to describe fashion. My reason being the use of clothing, footwear, sunglasses,, when worn by a person and is liked by the one who wears it, you can tell if the person is confident by their facial expression and body language in the clothing they wear


Take a look at the picture above and tell me what you see?  From the picture above I'm putting on a beautiful Ankara print clothing which I love so much. Now see how much my smile is resonated in my face and also my body language all gotten from just putting on this dress. So when you wear a clothing, a footwear, glasses or any other accessory which you love or at least like, you feel more beautiful (or handsome), and confident about yourself which also rubs off on people around you.

Fashion is more art than art is - Andy Warhol




Fashion is not restricted to just clothing but also footwear, makeup, and one's lifestyle.

Fashion trends come and goes and sometimes old fashion trends are brought back with a new structured style. Fashion trends can be influenced by location, people, and one's culture. While sometimes we might feel like wearing a certain type of clothing, the event one might be attending determines the fashion style that is being accepted. I am really thankful for all creative minds behind fashion style and how these styles have really shaped the way of life and the world at large.

Both men and women have a different sense of fashion styles and the particular colors they wear in terms of clothing or other accessories differs as well. while there are several ways in which they express their love of fashion but one thing both male and female have in common is their need to represent their belief and love for fashion.

Now many of you might think your fashion sense might be quite different or weird compared to others, but what makes fashion unique is the different ways one can really showcase what you stand for or what you are really passionate about. I believe the oddity and weirdness of various people's sense of style really are what broadens the scope of the fashion culture.



What Fashion Really Represents

I can sit back here and give you a long list of how fashion is been represented, but I'll narrow it down to these two things.

  • Art

     I'm sure that whenever someone says art, the first thing that comes to mind is painting or any sort of artwork that requires a brush and a hand; but art is not just paintings or sculptures. Since art really is expressing the creative mind of a human it, therefore, puts fashion into what art really is. The designs, patterns, rays of colors imprinted in a clothing or accessory voices out the creative skill of the designer of that product. This goes to show that fashion is art and art is fashion.

  • Culture

    As a Nigerian woman, one way I portray my place of birth and culture is through my clothing and traditional ornaments. Fashion through clothing, footwear, hair ornaments showcases one's history, culture, and sense of being. sometimes when we look at the people around us, what really determines if we want to get to know them is if they both have a similar sense of style as we do. Although judging people from their clothes can be misinterpreted sometimes I still think one can know much about the people from their styling choices.

As a 20-year old woman, I feel like my like my sense of fashion has really changed. I developed a more professional dress sense but I'm definitely not afraid to play with different colors, patterns, and clothes that really accentuates my thick curves. As a plus size woman sometimes the society likes to decide what clothes are considered appropriate for you but why should they really have a say in our sense of style. So I am really determined to wear what I love and what represents my culture.

So to all women and men out there do not let anyone stop you from growing and exploring your fashion style, and please don't be afraid to take crazy fashion risk because you just might discover that it really is your sense of style.


Wear your art and let fashion speak for you.

Leave a comment below on what fashion means to you and what creative ways you have been able to express it?