About Me

My name is Favour C. Epuna and a very proud Nigerian. I currently school at California State University, Bakersfield and i’ll be graduating this summer with a degree in Geology and a Minor in Chemistry. I spend most of my time singing, writing poems and goofing around. The enjoy having intelligent conversations with new people even though I’m low key introverted. I’m not much of a spontaneous person so i make sure that I surround myself with people who are so I can be adventurous. I enjoy reading lots of books, motivational talk as well as podcasts a lot to stay connected with what’s going in the word


About Favour Flayvo

Favour Flayvo is a Natural Hair, Fashion and Lifestyle blog. It is centered on promoting black women through appreciating our Natural hair, celebrating African/Black culture, and college lifestyle. I’m hoping to share my experience as a Nigerian living in the U.S. and give content about how to enjoy college life.

As a person that usually keeps things locked in, i decided to create this blog to be an outlet for me to express my thought about things going on around me. This blog name “Favour Epuna” was derived form my first name as well as my personality of adding something different to anything i do. It took me a few months to derive this name but I love it.


Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to connect with you all.